Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ashamed of God: Why Peter Enns Gets It Wrong, Again.

Dr. Peter Enns recently engaged Pastor John Piper (here) on the Biblical record of God's judgment of the Canaanites.  Dr. Piper's answer to the question (How Could God Kill Women and Children?) can be found on his site.

Dr. Peter Enns parted ways with Westminster Theological Seminary some years back over his views of inspiration and, coincidentally, the issue at the heart of his exchange with Piper.  Enns left BioLogos a few months ago and was quoted as saying, "They are moving in a more conservative direction, i.e., keeping Southern Baptists and other literalists on board."

In this exchange, Enns highlights Piper's opening statement, who in a typical  Piperian flourish presents his view in bold, almost, shocking frankness. Nevertheless, Piper does state the Biblical view correctly.

The judgment of the Canaanites,  promised by God in Genesis 15:16, was to follow 400 years of mercy and warning. The destruction of Sodom was an early warning sign to that culture. Abraham, Melchisedek, Isaac and others spoke of and for God to that culture.

My point in this brief essay is to simply point out why Dr Enns gets this all wrong.  Sadly his error is very simple.

First, his view of God is wrong.  Peter Enns makes his god in the image of Peter Enns. Enns decides what is right and wrong and "God" must conduct himself accordingly. The God of the Bible embarrasses Enns.

Second, his view of Scripture is wrong. Enns insists that Divine judgment is inconsistent with the message of the New Testament. He ignores Christ's warning that judgment for Tyre and Sidon will be worse than that of Sodom.

Enns gets it wrong.